Brown Agate Bracelet with 925 Silver Center

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Agate gemstones have been consistently popular over the centuries. They are prized both for their potential healing and spiritual value, as well as its beauty.

While there are hundreds, if not thousand varieties of agate, they possess similar innate healing properties. Agates are regarded as having stabilising and strengthening influences which increase grounding and connection. It is also known for its protective properties and is often used as an amulet of sorts during travels and battles.

In particular, brown agate is good for balancing emotions and increasing energies related to freedom, joy and centeredness.

This gorgeous bracelet comes in three bead sizes. You can wear a single bracelet or layer all three together.

  • Material: Natural Persian Agate, 925 Stirling Silver (for those with Silver centres)
  • Category: Bracelet
  • Size of beads: 10mm, 8mm, 6mm
  • Stirling Silver bead: Option to buy with or without Silver bead 

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