Cat's Eye Opal Charm

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Cat’s Eye Opal is given its name due a phenomenon known as catoyancy, or the “cat’s eye effect” – when a light source is directed on the stone, it creates a bright stripe that runs across the stone.

Besides being highly attractive and wearable for any occasion, the Cat’s Eye stone provides various benefits:

  • Easing mental distress and anxiety
  • Aids mindfulness and clarity of mind to perform tasks (especially in business) wisely
  • Brings a sense of hope and positive outlook of the future

Cat’s eye opal can also occur in shades of yellow, orange, black and red.

This particular charm is beautiful to wear, be it as a fashion accessory, or as a symbol of positivity and hope. The beads are held with elastic materials and will fit any sized wrist or can even be worn as a necklace.

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