Natural White Bodhi 108 Mala Beads

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Bodhi in Sanskrit translates to “enlightened” or "awakened,”. The Bodhi seed symbolizes wisdom, knowledge or awakened intellect. It teaches us that having wisdom enables us to deal with life’s challenges more effectively through wise decisions.

It is believed that wearers of Bodhi mala beads will be happier and more positive.

This 108 mala bead bracelet is made out of beautiful, polished white Bodhi roots. It looks bright and smooth and can be worn as a fashion statement or as a reminder of your intentions for the day. Held with elastic strands, this bracelet can be worn on any sized wrists, or even as a necklace

After a long period of wearing, it will start to take on the appearance of the exquisite white jade.

  • Material: Natural White and Green Bodhi Root
  • Charm option: Choose from Lotus charm or Jade charm
  • Beads sizes: 6x8mm, 7x9mm, 8x10mm or 8x8mm

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